Partner Schools / Beijing
ULink Beijing is led by the arm of the Beijing Science Education Group DSI Henglian Educational Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Normal University Continuing Education and teacher training colleges set up jointly by the University of Cambridge International Examinations University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) authorization (registration No.: CN481), specialized in the Cambridge a Level examinations with IGCICE full-time teaching and educational institutions.

"Center" was first established, Beijing Normal University, got the support of leaders at all levels. "Center" fully rely on the Beijing Normal University in the field of education a good reputation and excellent conditions for running schools, learn linke education in Shanghai and Guangzhou successful educational experience, with a wealth of international experience in project management education management team, outstanding foreign professional teachers and the Chinese team composed of teachers teaching, integration of Western education in essence, is aspiring to enter the world-class university students studying in China to provide "authoritative, safe, economical and effective," the channel.
Partner Schools / Shanghai
ULink College of Shanghai is the first college to be authorized by Cambridge University to implement its A-level curriculum system in China. We provide IGCSE courses which lead to study at A-level in ULink College of Shanghai.
Partner Schools / Suzhou
In June 2010, Ulink Education Group cooperated with Suzhou Industrial Park Xinghai Experimental Middle School to found the Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park. Authorized by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park is an accredited CIE center and offers IGCSE, A-Level courses and CIE exams. From 2013 to 2016, a total of 198 graduates have entered into the reputable universities worldwide, and 70% of them were admitted by the top 100 universities in the world.In August 2015, Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park relocated to Dushu Lake Science, Education, Innovation District of Suzhou Industrial Park, which makes the school adjacent to 26 local and foreign universities and research institutions. The Ulink College of SIP is endowed with exceptional advantages and conditions for development, helping students to achieve their academic accomplishment. There is a professional and devoted teaching faculty consisting of both local and foreign staff to fulfil the mission “to cultivate competitive students who are provided with the scientific spirit, humanity quality and strong physique”. 26 curriculums and a wider range of life skill courses are available to foster students’ characters. We have an experienced guidance team to assist students in college application and career planning, helping more students attain higher, farther, and stronger goals.
Partner Schools / Wuhan
Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley is a ful-time international school devoted in introducing high-quality international education resources of top international courses for Chinese students. Ulink College was the first one to introduced CIE courses to mainland China in 2003, including A-Level and IGCSE.

After development of 13 years, centered in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, Ulink College established 5 schools to cover most areas of China, becoming a leading group in high school international education. Ulink College created records like 100% of the graduates enrolled by the authentic overseas universities and 100% pass of visa. Ever since establishment, Ulink College cultivated more than 160 graduates for Oxford and Cambridge, the very first in China.

Ulink College was issued by CIE with “Outstanding Remark” in 2013. It is, so far, the only one school with such an honor.
Partner Schools / Guangzhou
Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) is a western high school for students of the host country established by ISS-ULink Educational Services, Ltd. (ISS-ULink)

In 2010, International Schools Services and ULink Educational Services, Ltd. formed a joint venture strategic partnership for the development of innovative education models in China. The partnership brings together the synergy resulting from the comprehensive and complementary expertise of both organizations.
Partner Schools / Guangzhou
This is the most distinctive school in Guangzhou, and also the school with the strongest international atmosphere. Founded by Mr. Huo Yingdong, Mr. Huo Zhenhuan is the chairman and Mr. Huo Qigang is the school supervisor. The school was founded in 2004 and joined the Youlian Education Group in 2012 to introduce American ISS institutions to offer NCPA American high school curriculum and ULC English high school curriculum. The school adheres to the guiding ideology of "making moral first, learning both in China and in the West, and building an international high-quality school". Since its establishment, many students have been admitted to Guangzhou Model High School and International High School, while many students from International High School have entered the world's top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge for further study.