Academic Excellence

ULink College delivers the IGCSE and A Level programmes to students between 14 – 19 years of age. Students will have compulsory courses and optional courses in each grade; the number of compulsory courses varies depending on the students grade level. IGCSE’s and A Levels have widespread international recognition as educational qualifications. The IGCSE’s will allow students to enter schools in the UK, USA, Canada, etc. whilst A Levels will offer the students a route to the vast majority of universities in the world. IGCSE’s are graded on a scale of A* - G with grade U as a fail. Students sitting IGCSE’s should gain five IGCSE qualifications at Grade A* - C to progress to the A Level programme. Students at U Link College study the IGCSE’s over one or two years depending on their entry point to the school. At the end of IG2 (grade 10) students will sit external CIE examinations to gain their IGCSE Exam grades.

A Level qualifications are broken down into two sections: AS and A2 Levels. Students sit the AS Level in their first year taking external CIE examinations at the end of the year. In their second year they sit their A2 level qualification and the grades for the two years combine to give them their final A Level grade.

A Levels are highly specialized and a student will normally take three subjects, although occasionally exceptional students take four or five.